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Pit Bull Attack Lawyer Files Lawsuit in Sanilac County

Our Sanilac County Dog Bite lawyers recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a six year old boy who was attacked by a neighbor’s Pit Bull. The canine escaped a yard through a broken fence and attacked the boy while playing in his own backyard.

The force of the attack was enough to knock our client’s shoes off.  He suffered from punctures and lacerations on his face, head, neck, torso, and arms.  The incident was investigated by the Marlette Police Department. 

The lawsuit was filed in the Sanilac County Circuit Court in Sandusky, Michigan.  No date has been set for a jury trial in this matter.

Pit Bull Statistics

Pit bulls are considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds to own.  According to the National Canine Research Council, in 2010, 33 fatalities occurred within a human population of more than 308 million and a canine population estimated over 78 million.  Although, this breed remains a small part of the dog population, they contribute to the majority of fatalities and injuries each year.

In addition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 2006-2008 pit bulls were found responsible for nearly 60% of deaths in the U.S.  dog bite fatalities.  Often times, these bites can result in severe injuries such as disfigurement resulting from broken bones, nerve damage, pain and suffering, and permanent scarring such as our Sanilac County case.

Winning A Settlement For Dog Bite Injury Victim

Under Michigan law, the animal owner or keeper of the dog who ran through a fence and attacked a person who is lawfully on the properly can be held liable for injuries. There are in fact several Michigan dog bite laws such as this one that can be used to win a settlement for the injured victim.

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. our expert attorneys have extensive knowledge of these dog bite laws and use them to win substantial settlements and verdicts for our clients.  We have significant experience in representing children suffering injuries in dog attacks and represent our clients under our No Fee Promise, which means there are no legal fees or costs until we win or settle your claim.

If you or your child suffers dog bite injuries from a pit bull attack or from any other type of canine, we can help you.  Call today at (800) 606-1717 for more information and free, legal advice on how to get your medical bills paid and get compensated for your pain and suffering.  There are strict time limitations for filing these types of claims so it is important you contact our law firm office as soon as possible after the incident.