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Perforated Colon Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Michigan medical Malpractice Lawyers - Perforated ColonOur Michigan medical malpractice lawyers handle cases involving perforated colons.  The failure to timely diagnose a perforated colon can have devastating consequences.  A perforated colon can allow the intestinal contents to leak into the abdominal cavity and cause significant peritonitis.  In cases involving death, the patient’s family may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Perforated Colon Causes

A perforated colon can naturally occur for a number of different reasons.  These include:

  • Perforated colon from diverticulitis

  • Perforated colon from appendicitis

  • Perforated colon from Crohn’s Disease

  • Perforated colon from ulcerative colitis

Additionally, a colon can be perforated during a medical procedure like a colonoscopy or hysterectomy.  In those circumstances, the actual perforation may not be caused by a medical mistake and is often a risk of the procedure.  However, despite being a risk, the physician must promptly identify the perforated colon and treat it before injury or harm occurs to the patient.

The major symptoms of a perforated colon can include high fever, chills, inability to pass gas or have a bowel movement, nausea and extreme abdominal pain that will become worse when one moves or attempts to move. Without prompt treatment or surgery, the patient can become septic and suffer serious injuries and even death.

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