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Michigan Bowel & Intestine Perforation Medical Malpractice Cases

Michigan Perforated Bowel Medical Malpractice LawyersOur Michigan medical malpractice lawyers represent victims of malpractice who suffer a perforated bowel during an invasive surgery.  These include EGD, colonoscopy, and other laparoscopic surgeries.  Incidents of bowel perforations have also occurred during hysterectomy surgery.  The injuries caused by perforations to the bowel and intestines can cause significant  and serious medical conditions, including death.

When there is surgery near the bowel, a surgeon must take care not to perforate the bowel. If a bowel is perforated, and not recognized by a surgeon, it can lead to serious injury and death from infection, peritonitis and sepsis. When a surgeon is working in and around the bowel, the standard of care requires that he examine the bowel during the surgery to make sure that there have been no perforations or injuries to the bowel. If a bowel is perforated, and not recognized immediately, it will result in an extensive hospital stay and the use of intravenous antibiotics and other drugs in attempt to control the infection.

In virtually all cases, perforated bowel requires surgery to wash out the abdomen. The perforated bowel is then repaired. Occasionally, perforation affects the bowel and other parts of the intestine and may require colostomy, in which part of the large intestine is brought into the wall of the abdomen and waste material is excreted into a bag outside the body. This is generally temporary. After surgery, the patient must take strong doses of antibiotics to rid the body of any leftover infection and to prevent recurring peritonitis, in which the cavities surrounding the abdomen and intestines become infected.

A surgeon who cuts, nicks, or perforates a patient's bowel or colon, may very well be guilty of medical malpractice. If such a perforation (meaning damage by cutting) of the bowel or colon goes undiscovered, the contents of the bowel and/or stomach can spill out into the patient's abdomen and create a significant disease process known as sepsis.  Although a perforation during surgery itself does not always give rise to a malpractice lawsuit, the failure to discover the problem and take corrective measures is often the basis of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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