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Pedestrians Hit By Drunk Drivers– MI Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Our drunk driving accident lawyers represent injury victims against drunk drivers and the establishment that served the alcohol throughout the entire State of Michigan.  Pedestrian accidents occur at alarming rates.  In 2010, there were 2,333 pedestrians involved in motor vehicles crashes, with 131 pedestrians killed and 1,883 injured.  Many of these pedestrian injuries and deaths are from drunk driving accidents.

Pedestrians injured by a drunk driver and their families often deal with more than the physical injuries suffered when hit by a drunk driver.  People injured in a drunk driving accident also feel psychologically violated and emotionally wronged when hurt by an intoxicated driver.  Our lawyers sue both drunk drivers and the establishments that served them the beer or liquor that caused their intoxication just before the accident.

Pedestrians injured in Michigan drunk driving accidents do have legal rights and should pursue them immediately after the accident.  In cases involving a drunk driver, it is essential to begin the investigation as soon as possible.  Our legal team hires a private investigator to interview witnesses and obtain other evidence within days of the accident to preserve evidence that will support our case.  Any delay in obtaining this evidence can prevent the victim from receiving a fair recovery at a later date. 

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If you would like more information about your legal rights after a Michigan pedestrian drunk driving accident injury, you can order our FREE book, "The Michigan Drunk Driving Accident Handbook" by attorney Daniel L. Buckfire, who is rated "Superb" by the top lawyer internet rating service and has achieved the most possible rating for ability and integrity in the legal profession.

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