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Michigan Passenger Accident Injury Lawyers: Insurance & Settlements

Michigan car accident no fault insurance lawyerWhen a passenger is injured in a Michigan car accident, the injuries can be devastating.  Injured passengers are innocent victims and have legal rights against the at-fault driver.  This includes claims against a negligent driver in another vehicle of the driver of the vehicle occupied by the passenger.  In all cases, an injured passenger is always entitled to receive Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits.

Common Causes Passenger Injuries in Michigan Auto Accidents

Passenger injuries are caused by a number of different auto accident  types.  These include a:

  • Drunk or intoxicated driver in the same vehicle or another vehicle
  • Reckless, neglgient or speeding driver in the same vehicle or another vehicle
  • Distracted driver in the same vehicle or another vehicle
  • Negligent truck or bus driver causing a muliptle car accident
  • Defective highway, roadway, or street

Types of Claims For Injured Car Accident Passengers

A passenger injured in a car accident in Michigan can pursue several types of injury accident claims. First, if the driver of another car is negligent, the injured passenger can sue that driver and the owner of that vehicle. This type of claim demands a settlement for the personal injuries suffered in the accident, including pain and suffering as well as disability.

Second, if the driver of the car the passenger was riding in was negligent, the injured passenger can sue that driver and the owner of that vehicle.  This is true even if passenger was a friend or family member of that driver.  Although this may present an uncomfortable situation, everyone involved should know that the claim is actually being pursued against the insurance company and does not seek any money from the driver.  These claims are also for pain and suffering as well as disability related to injuries caused by the accident.

No Fault Insurance Benefits For Injured Passengers

An injured passenger can always get Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits, even if the passenger did not own a car or have an auto insurance policy.  We will help you determine the proper insurance company to pay the claims and then submit the claims for you.  We will also follow up with the adjuster to make sure the benefits are paid.

No-Fault insurance benefits include lost wages, medical expenses, household services, attendant care services, and medica

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