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Passengers Injured In A Michigan Car Accident

When a passenger is injured in a Michigan car accident, the consequences can be devastating. The accident victim may have thousands of dollars in medical bills, require lengthy medical treatment, and suffer a significant loss of wages. Fortunately, under Michigan law, the passenger has several different types of claims they can make to compensate them for their injuries.

First, if the driver of another car is negligent and caused the accident, the injured passenger can make a claim against that driver and the owner of that vehicle.  These claims are for pain and suffering and other personal injury type claims.

Second, if the driver of the car the injured passenger was riding in was negligent, the injured passenger can make a claim against this driver too. Even if this driver is a close friend or family member, the injured passenger should still strongly considering filing a lawsuit.  These claims will be paid for and defended by that person's car insurance company.

Third, if the injured passenger was in a car owned by someone other than the person driving at the time of the car accident, the passenger can sue the car's owner.

Finally, just like any other person injured in a car accident, the injured passenger can submit a claim for Michigan No Fault insurance. Even if the passenger does not have car insurance of their own, they can still submit a claim through either the driver or the owner of the car's insurance company. This allows the passenger to collect medical expenses, wage loss benefits, household replacement services, attendant care benefits, home modification benefits, case management services, and all the other No Fault insurance benefits available under the Michigan No Fault Act.