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Passenger Car Accident Death and Injuries | Michigan Auto Accident Attorney

There are many different types of injuries that passengers may suffer in a Michigan car accident. Some injuries may be relatively minor from which victims may recover sooner. Some others may be serious injuries from which victims may take a longer time to recover. Other injuries are catastrophic, which means victims are left with permanent injuries such as scarring or disfigurement and lifelong disabilities. Unfortunately, even those with Michigan no-fault insurance can be left struggling to get fair and full compensation for their significant losses.

Chances of Suffering a Pedestrian Injury In Michigan Car Accident

According to the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts as reported by the Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP), there were 273,891 traffic accidents in Michigan in the year 2012. In those accidents, 70,519 people were injured. Since so many reported accidents are just fender-benders and low-speed collisions, a large percentage of Michigan accidents that year did not result in any injuries at all. In the year 2012, for example, occupants were not injured in 84.6 percent of all traffic accidents. Approximately 10.5 percent of occupants sustained minor injuries, 3.5 percent were moderately injured, 1.2 percent suffered serious injuries and 0.2 percent were killed.

The statistics also show that in alcohol-related crashes, 63.5 percent of vehicle occupants escaped injuries while 12 percent suffered moderate injuries, 6.4 percent of occupants were seriously injured and 1.6 percent of vehicle occupants were killed. We see from these numbers that crashes involving drinking and driving are more serious. The percentage of occupant fatalities is eight times higher than in all crashes and the most serious injury level is five and a half times higher in DUI crashes.

Examples of Serious Pedestrian Auto Accident Injuries

Many injuries result in minor soreness and contusions that will heal on their own. There are some injuries, however, that require immediate medical attention. Examples of injuries commonly suffered in serious car accidents include:

  • Bone fractures: In high-speed collisions, it is common for victims to suffer multiple bone fractures at once. Recovery from bone fractures can take months and some victims never fully regain strength and mobility in the affected areas.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: You do not have to lose consciousness to sustain a traumatic brain injury. Anyone who strikes his or her head on the inside of the vehicle during a crash can suffer brain trauma. If you feel confused, nauseous or dizzy after striking your head, it is important that you seek and obtain immediate medical attention.
  • Spinal cord injuries: It is possible to sustain so much trauma to your neck or back during a collision that your spinal cord suffers irreversible damage. Trauma to the spinal cord can result in a loss of feeling and physical ability around and below the site of the trauma. Those who suffer spinal injuries may also suffer from chronic pain for the rest of their lives.
  • Burn injuries: When a car catches fire, the results can be devastating. Serious burns can result in permanent disfigurement and loss of feeling in the damaged area.

Catastrophic Passenger Car Accident Injuries

There is a significant difference between injuries that are classified as serious and those classified as catastrophic. A catastrophic injury, such as a severe head injury, can result in a significant decrease in the victim's quality of life. Serious injuries have an immediate impact on the victim's life, but catastrophic injuries can have long-term effects that affect their physical, cognitive and emotional well being. It is important to make the distinction between a serious and a catastrophic injury during the claim process because it can affect the amount of compensation available for the victim.

Free Legal Advice After Your Michigan Car Accident

If you were a passenger injured in a Michigan car accident, it is advisable to:

  • Call the police and file a report.
  • Take photos of the crash site and damaged vehicles.
  • Collect contact information from drivers, passengers and witnesses involved in the crash.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Talk to an experienced Michigan car accident attorney before discussing the crash with an insurance company.

Financial support should be available for all of the losses you have suffered in the crash, including medical bills, lost wages and loss of earning potential. Support may also be available for non-economic losses such as pain and suffering. It is not in your best interest to accept a settlement without first discussing your claim with a skilled Michigan auto accident lawyer, who will fight for your rights and ensure that your best interests are protected.

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