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Out of State Student Injured In Michigan Car Accident – MI Auto Accident Lawyers

Our Michigan car accident lawyers frequently represent students from other states injured in Michigan car accidents.   Many of these cases involve students who attend colleges and universities in the State of Michigan.  These accidents include car accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

An out of state student injured in a Michigan auto accident may be able to make a claim for Michigan no-fault insurance benefits.  This is a tremendous benefit for the out-of-state resident because Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits pay for wages lost from work, medical expenses, and household chores.   Most incredible, there is no limit to the amount of medical expenses paid and these benefits last for your lifetime.

However, many students and their parents mistakenly believe that they can simply maintain their auto insurance policy from their home state and this will provide them with the same protection as an insurance policy issued in Michigan.  If the student drives the car for more than 30 cumulative days in Michigan and does not have a Michigan no-fault insurance policy, the student may be disqualified from receiving benefits.   This would prevent the student from receiving No-Fault Insurance benefits and the student’s parents can be left having to pay significant medical bills and expenses.

 Further, if the student is the title holder of the vehicle and is not insured under a Michigan no-fault insurance policy, that student may be considered an uninsured driver.  Under these circumstances, the student may be precluded from suing a negligent driver who causes an accident and injures the student.  This is true even if the student is injured by a drunk driver.

Out of state students and their parents should contact their insurance company to add an addendum to the auto insurance policy to add the Michigan no-fault coverage.  Or, in the alternative, have the vehicle insured through an agent in Michigan that provides a certified no-fault insurance policy.  Once this is done, the student will be properly insured to drive in Michigan and receive all protections and benefits under the Michigan no-fault insurance laws.

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