Our Guarantees

Why are these GUARANTEES important to you?

 Just as important is why we make these guarantees.  Many lawyers and law firms have huge volume practices in which they sign up as many accident cases as they can and then process them like a mill.  We do not.  We limit the amount of cases that we agree to accept so that we can devote our full time and attention to the needs of each client and the details of each case.  Here are your answers:

An experienced trial lawyer is assigned to your case from day one.  This is necessary to make sure that you receive immediate attention to your matter, that the investigation is started right away, and that an attorney with trial experience is working with you from day one until the conclusion of the case.  You won’t get shuffled around between attorneys for two years. Your attorney will know both you and your case.

A complete analysis of your case is important from the start.  We don’t let your file collect dust on someone’s desk for a few weeks before we decide to get moving on it.  We begin our analysis or your case immediately and start our claim and litigation plan right away. You want action and we deliver.

Honest and direct answers to all of your questions.  Isn’t that what everybody really wants?  We tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about your case.  You should know all of the positive aspects of the case and the potential problems.  We want you to have a complete understanding of the process.  This is better for both of us. 

Immediate investigation of your case.  When we say immediate, we mean it!  We order your medical records, accident reports, obtain photographs, track down witnesses, and preserve evidence necessary to win your case.   This is necessary to preserve evidence and give you the best chance of success.

Immediate preparation and filing of your insurance forms.  There are specific time requirements that if missed, will cause you to lose your benefits and your rights to future claims.  You need a lawyer that takes action to protect your rights.  We do.

Immediate action getting your medical bills and lost wages paid.  The last thing you need while recovering for your injuries are bill collectors trying find out when they will be paid because your law firm never submitted the right paperwork or bills to your insurance company.  If you are missing time from work, you still want your paycheck coming in on time.  We do that for you.

Phone calls returned within one business day.  We try very hard to call you back the same day, but guarantee a call back within one business day.  Obviously, if we are in court or at depositions, it may take a day to return your call.  However, unlike some firms that wait weeks to call you back, you will hear from us within 24 hours.

I doubt that you’ll find any other firm who makes these guarantees.


Lawrence J. Buckfire, President/Attorney

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.



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