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Operating Room Burn Injuries

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers handle cases involving operating room burn injuries.  Burns to patients in hospital operating rooms can occur in a number of ways and often result in significant injuries to the patient.  A patient who suffers burns in an operating room may have a medical malpractice case against  the hospital, the nursing staff, and the attending physicians.

Operating room burn injuries can occur in a number of ways.  The most common types of these burns are:

-Intravenous bags (I.V. bags)
-Heating blankets
-Heating pads
-Hot compresses
-Cautery burns
-Defribilator pads
-Electrocardiogram leads (EKG)

The most common location of the burn is in the patient's chest and abdomen area.  Other areas for operating room burn injuries include the buttocks, legs, feet, face, arms, hands, and fingers.  Occasionally the burn will occur in the patient's airway.  Many of these injuries are quite severe, especially when caused by cautery fires and result in burns to the patient's face.

Patients who suffer a burn injury in an operating room do have legal rights and can learn more about these cases by requesting our FREE BOOK, "The Ultimate Guide To Medical Malpractice Cases in Michigan."

There are strict time limitations for filing malpractice suits and claims and any person injured during one of these procedures should contact our office immediately.

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