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No Win, No Fee Under Our No Free Promise

Our Michigan personal injury law firm handles cases for injury and accident victims under our NO FEE PROMISE, which means "No Win, No Fees."  This is our GUARANTEE that our clients will pay no legal fees whatsoever unless we obtain a settlement for them.  We do this for several reasons.

Accident and injury victims need a fair fight and hiring a top lawyer is the best way to combat and win their case against these powerful companies. The cost of filing a lawsuit is very expensive and time consuming and results can never be guaranteed. In most situations, our clients would not be able to pursue their legal rights if they had to pay our firm's  hourly rate (usually between $300 - $500 per hour) and all of the costs of litigation. 

Insurance companies and big corporations can spend as much money as they want defending lawsuits and often will simply try to outspend the injury and accident victim, hoping to "drowned" them in legal fees.  The legal system was not designed to protect only the companies that could spend the most money on their lawyers or to prevent the average person from getting their day in court. 

We are very selective in the cases that we choose to accept because we devote our full time, energy, and resources to each client and their case.   This allows us to win settlements in over 95% of our cases without ever going to court.  When we do go to court, we win those cases also.  Because of our tremendous success rate, we are willing to handle cases without the client paying us a single penny until we win their case.  This formula has worked well for both us and our clients for over forty years and we have tremendous track record of settlements and jury verdicts to back it up.

To discuss your case and our NO FEE PROMISE, call our experienced personal injury and accident lawyers now at (800) 606-1717.  There is absolutely no obligation for the phone call and there is never a charge for calling or meeting with your lawyer.