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No-Fault Insurance Benefits For Fall Out of Car On Ice

Our Michigan No-Fault insurance lawyers represent injury victims in cases relating to auto accidents.   Under Michigan law, a person does not have to be injured in an actual car crash to receive no-fault insurance benefits.  In fact, many times a person suffers serious injuries due to a fall on ice while getting out of car or entering into a car.  In certain situations, the injured is entitled to no-fault benefits.  These benefits include medical expenses, lost wages, household services, and attendant care fault insurance benefits for fall out of car on ice

Icy parking lots and driveways have contributed to a large number of serious injuries to people who fall while getting out of their car.  Others are injured by slipping on ice while trying to get into their car.  Depending on the facts of the fall, the injured person may be entitled to insurance coverage under their auto insurance policy.

To determine whether an injured person can receive no-fault insurance benefits for a fall on ice while getting out of car or getting into a car, it is necessary to determine whether the injury “aris[es] out of the owner-ship, operation, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle”  Whether an injury arises out of the use of plaintiff's vehicle as a motor vehicle "turns on whether the injury is closely related to “the transportational function of motor vehicles."

For example, if a person slips on ice while putting packages or items into a car or while taking something out of the vehicle, then there most likely would be coverage.  If a person falls on ice  after parking a vehicle and exiting the automobile, then no-fault insurance benefits are also available.  Several court cases do require that the person have actual physical contact with the auto at the time of the fall, like holding onto the door handle or shutting the car door.

Auto insurance companies often improperly deny these claims for Michigan no-fault insurance benefits and tell the insured person that they are not entitled to benefits.  When this happens, the injured person should call our experienced Michigan no-fault insurance attorneys to help them with the claim.  We can obtain the unpaid benefits for you and many times recover our attorney’s fees from the insurance company for an improper denial of benefits.

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