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Nail Salon Infections

Nail salon infections can cause significant injuries and damages.  These injuries often occur during manicures and pedicures and are caused by unsanitary conditions at the salon, such as:

·         Manicure utensils not properly sterilized

·         Unsanitary salon instruments

·         Whirlpools not properly disinfected

·         Unclean pedicure footbaths

·         Other unclean or unsanitary conditions

The infections can also occur when a salon customer is accidentally cut.  Many customers have medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to these infections and others have conditions that make healing more difficult, like diabetes.  The injuries that arise are often significant the following have been reported:   

·         Staph Infections

·         Bacterial Infections

·         Fungal Infections

·         Pain

·         Discomfort

·         Scarring

·         Loss of limb

·         Death

Individuals who suffer injuries and infections at nail salons do have legal rights.  Salon owners have a legal duty to provide a safe and sanitary setting for manicures and pedicures and many states have laws and regulations that require salons to adhere to strict health guidelines.  A salon customer who suffers an injury or infection should contact our firm immediately. contact the Michigan law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. immediately

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