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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Michigan Resources

As a resource, our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers created a list of resources for motorcyclists to help aide with any questions regarding Michigan law and motorcycle accident lawsuits, motorcycle insurance claims, safety tips, and much more.  We understand the special circumstance and needs of motorcycle riders as Michigan motorcycle accident law has many exceptions and is very different than those of car accidents or truck accidents.
The result of bike accidents can be catastrophe, many of times resulting in wrongful death. In fact, the probability of getting into a motor vehicle accident and suffering injuries is much higher driving a motorcycle than driving in a car. According to the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), 62,000 motorcyclists died due to an accident between the years of 1975 and 2005. Motorcyclists represent only 3 percent of all registered vehicles; however even with such a small percentage, motorcycle accidents account for over ten percent of all accidents.
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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Every May is motorcycle safety month and in honor of this we have provided tips for both motorists and motorcyclists to follow to prevent motorcycle accidents. The tips are developed by the National Safey Council.

Injured In A Michigan Motorcycle Accident

Were you injured in a Michigan motorcycle accident? This article explains the different types of injuries a bike accident injury victim may sustain and what to do when injured in an accident.

Get The Best Settlement For Your Michigan Motorcycle Accident Case

There are many factors that are used to determine the amount of a Michigan motorcycle accident settlement. Every accident case has its own unique set of facts and circumstances, but there are certain factors that go in determining the amount of a fair settlement. What are these factors? Find out here!

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Facts

Learn about the number of motorcycle accidents that take place in Michigan, how many registered motorcyclists there are, estimated milieage based on 3,000 miles per motorcycle, and any other interesting statisitc you would like to know about motorcycle accidents.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

Although the public thinks that bikers are responsible for motorcycle accidents, statistics show that most motorcycle crash injuries in Michigan are caused by the negligence of anotehr driver. Find out what the other common causes of motorcycle accidents include.

What If I am Hit On Motorcycle By Car In Michigan 

This article overviews the potential claims an injured motorcyclist hit on bike by car in Michigan may have.

Michigan Helmet Laws for Motorcycles

Our attorneys have created an graphic specifically designed for you so that you may visually see the state by state helmet laws. This grapchi will help you understand and learn the different helmet laws in each state, including Michigan.




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