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Missed Stroke Diagnosis in Emergency Room

Our medical malpractice lawyers file lawsuits against hospitals and physicians for a missed stroke diagnosis at the hospital emergency department. A missed stroke diagnosis and the failure to treat a stroke, or impending stroke, is a common type of malpractice claim alleged against emergency departments. A patient presenting with the symptoms of a stroke should be carefully evaluated and tested for the condition before being discharged home from the hospital. 

The emergency medical staff may miss a stroke diagnosis because many stroke symptoms are similar to those of other medical conditions. Common symptoms consistent with a stroke include a severe headache, one-sided weakness or paralysis, facial drooping, memory impairment, unintelligible speech, impaired vision, and problems with reading and writing. A proper evaluation of a patient suspected of having a stroke often includes radiology testing, like an MRI or CT scan.

It is medically necessary to treat the stroke within three hours of the onset to prevent serious injury or harm, including death, the patient. Therefore, it is essential that the emergency room medical staff take all appropriate measures based upon the patient history and presentation of the patient to determine whether the patient is having a stroke.  In cases where a patient dies due to a missed stroke, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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