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Misdiagnosis of Bone Fractures in Michigan Hospitals

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers handle lawsuits involving the misdiagnosis of bone fractures at hospital.   When a patient presents to a hospital emergency room with a bone fracture, the emergency room staff must fully and properly evaluate their medical condition.  This includes not only diagnosing the fracture but also initiating appropriate treatment.

In most circumstances, a plain x-ray should normally diagnose the bone fracture.  However, many times an x-ray is never performed because the emergency room doctor or nurse fails to order a radiology study.  Other times, the radiologist may misdiagnose the bone fracture on the x-ray study.

The misdiagnosis of a bone fracture can result in significant injury and complications to the patient.  When a fracture is misdiagnosed, it becomes untreated.    As a result, the bone will begin to heal on its own without proper alignment.  This is known as a nonunion.  A nonunion that does go on to heal is called a delayed union. 

When a nonunion or delayed union occurs and the bone is not properly aligned, it is often necessary to have surgery to repair the fracture.  However, had the condition been diagnosed and treated initially, it may only have needed to be casted.  Even with surgery, significant damage may have been done that could otherwise been completely avoided. 

The misdiagnosis of a bone fracture and treat that condition can give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit.  If the emergency room physician fails to make the proper  diagnosis or a radiologist misinterprets  an x-ray film, the delay in treatment can cause significant injury to the patient.  Further, the failure to refer a patient with a broken bone to an orthopedic surgeon can also be considered negligent medical care.

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