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Michigan Vs. California - Whose DUI Laws are More Effective?

Across the United States, it is illegal for a person to drive a vehicle if his or her blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or more. The number of DUI related fatal accidents in Michigan and California and differ vastly. Is this due to the difference in population or due to the difference in DUI laws?

According to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, 1,768 persons were killed in DUI related accidents in 2010. For the same year, the Michigan Annual Drunk Driving Audits shows that 357 persons were killed in DUI related accidents in Michigan.

Michigan DUI Laws

Under Michigan law, the permitted blood alcohol concentration for those over 21 years of age is 0.08 percent. For drivers less than 21 years old, the permitted blood alcohol concentration is 0.02 percent. Michigan law provides for enhanced penalties for drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.17 percent or more. Drivers in Michigan who exhibit signs of impairment can be arrested even if their blood alcohol concentration is within the permitted level. A conviction, even if it is the first offense will result in a mandatory driver's license suspension of six months.

California DUI Laws

In California, the law presumes that the person's blood alcohol concentration was 0.08 percent or more if the chemical test conducted within three hours of the DUI stop indicate a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or more. For drivers of commercial vehicles, the permitted blood alcohol concentration is 0.04 percent. The law prohibits the driving of a vehicle by anyone who is addicted to drug use. A DUI arrest in California will result in an automatic suspension of the driver's license. This is an administrative proceeding and is independent of the DUI court proceedings.

Does Population Influence DUI Law Effectiveness?

California has a population of over 38 million while the population of Michigan is a little over 9 million. The numbers indicate that more people in California are likely to die from a fatal DUI accident than people in Michigan. This however does not mean that the California DUI laws are less effective. The population of California is much higher than that of Michigan. As such, the DUI laws of both states are equally effective. The higher number of fatal DUI accidents in California does not render the DUI laws in that state less effective.

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