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Michigan Umbilical Cord Complications Lawyers Handling Birth Injury Lawsuits

Our Michigan birth injury attorneys  handle medical malpractice cases involving umbilical cord complications.  The primary lifeline for an unborn child is the umbilical cord, but this can also be a dangerous aspect of healthy pregnancy.  An unborn child who becomes entangled in an umbilical cord can suffer serious and permanent injuries, including brain damage.

When an umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck or in some other compromising position during gestation, labor, or delivery, it can cut of the flow of oxygen and blood to the baby.  When this happens, it can lead to permanent brain injury and other serious consequences.  Doctors and hospitals are trained to promptly recognize when the umbilical cord poses a danger to the baby and then take necessary steps to prevent injury or harm to the child.   Medical errors in this situation can lead to the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medical mistakes from an umbilical cord complication that can lead to birth injury include:

  • Failure to monitor cord blood velocities
  • Failure to conduct high resolution ultrasound to detect umbilical cord complications
  • Failure to perform caesarian section in
  • Failure to detect cord knots and nuchal cord (umbilical cord wrapped around part of the body)
  • Failure to perform color Doppler sonogram studies

When a medical mistake occurs and a baby suffers permanent injuries due to an umbilical cord complication, the parents of the child can pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.  These laws seek compensation for the injuries to the child and also for the significant expenses it will take to care for the child over his or her lifetime.  This can include medical expenses, special education expenses, and even necessary housing costs.  An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will pursue all of these claims in a birth injury lawsuit.

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If a doctor or hospital fails ignores the signs and symptoms of an umbilical cord complication and the baby suffers an injury as a result, you should contact our Michigan birth injury lawyers immediately.  We will obtain all of your medical records and have them reviewed by our medical experts.  If our medical team determines that you received improper medical care, we will file a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking all damages allowed under Michigan law.  We will represent you and your child under our No Fee Promise, which means we charge no legal fees or costs unless we win you a settlement.  Call now!