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Michigan Truck Accident Breakdown

Michigan truck accident lawyers know truck accidents are becoming more common. A breakdown of Michigan truck accidents confirms this. In fact, trucks are involved in more than 13,000 accidents per year. Trucks account for over 25% of all fatal accidents in Michigan. In 95% of truck accidents there was either property damage, personal injury, or death. With this virtually certain chance of death, injury, or damage, Michigan drivers should always use caution when approaching trucks and continue to educate themselves on the causes of truck accidents. By reading the other Michigan truck accident articles on this website, drivers can educate themselves about how to avoid truck accidents and what to do if they are involved in a truck accident.

When a driver, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist is hit by a truck, Michigan No Fault benefits are available to the accident victim. No Fault benefits pay for medical expenses, lost wages, household replacement services, attendant care, and other benefits regardless of fault in the accident. In addition, when an accident victim's injuries are severe, the victim may have a legal claim against the truck driver if the truck driver is at fault in causing the accident. The best way to determine what claims an injured person has is to consult with a lawyer.

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