State Trooper Patrol Car Accidents In Michigan

michigan state trooper accident lawyersOur Michigan car accident lawyers handle cases for people who have been injured by a Michigan State Trooper vehicle. The Michigan State Police work hard to keep the citizens of Michigan safe, but accidents involving police officers still occur. Many times, victims of police car accidents are struck during high speed chases, or sometimes just during ordinary driving. 

Michigan State Police vehicles come in many different sizes. Some of the largeer, heavier vehicles can cause serious damage to small cars on the road. Many state trooper vehicles also come equipped with extra equipment, inlcuding steel push bars in the front, that can be dangerous for motorists and pedestrians.

Michigan law grants police officers and departments immunity from lawsuits in most circumstances, however there are exceptions to these laws. If a Michigan State Trooper is negligent or reckless in the operation of his or her vehicle, a lawsuit can be filed. In order to proceed with the case, there must be actual contact between the police vehicle and the injury victim.

No-Fault Insurance Benefits After a Michigan State Police Accident

Every driver in Michigan is required by law to have an automobile insurance policy with no-fault benefits. This means, that every driver and pedestrian in the entire state is most likely entitled to insurance benefits regardless of whether they were at fault in the accident. No fault insurance can help pay for a wide range of benefits, including medical bills, precription costs, attendant care services, lost wages, and more.

No-Fault beneits can be obtained by completing a written application with the insurance company that has priority for paying your claims. Often times, insurance companies use tactics to avoid paying these benfits. Our lawyers fight vigorously to help you receive the insurance benefits you are entitled to after an accident that leaves you or a family member seriously injured.

Remember, there are strict time deadlines for filing No-Fault insurance applications. It is mandatory that these forms be completed within one year of the accident. If you fail to complete the necessary paperwork before the deadline, you will not be able to obatin benefits. Our lawyers can help with the filing process, and explain it to you in an easy to understand way.

Find A Michigan State Trooper Car Accident Lawyer

Victims of accidents involving police cars do have rights and should pursue those rights if they are injured by a police vehicle. When choosing an attorney, it is important to chose one who has handled cases involving Michigan State Police before. That way, you can ensure that your case will be vigorously pursued and that you will receive full compensation for all injuries suffered.

Our Michigan car accident lawyers have the highest rating in skill and integrity. We have obtained significant settlements for hundreds of accident victims throughout the state. We have experience filing lawsuits for negligent police activity that leaves innocent citizens injured.

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