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Michigan Ridesharing Car Accident Lawyers: Lawsuits & Settlements

michigan rideshare car accident lawyersOur Michigan auto accident lawyers represent people who have been injured in a ridesharing vehicle.  Ridesharing usage is becoming much more common instead of traditional taxi cab services and limousine transportation services.  The use of mobile apps for securing rides is very popular.

The most common ridesharing services in Michigan are Uber and Lyft.  Other services offer free carpooling programs, like Southeast MiRideshare, which provides matches for carpooling and vanpooling.  Carpool World, Ridester, West Michigan Ridehsare, and eRideshare are some other services.

Ridesharing is a great way to save money on transportation expenses and help the environment by having less vehicles on the roadways.  However, like any motor vehicle, there are frequent serious accidents involving rideshare vehicles.  It is important that you understand your legal rights after a Michigan rideshare accident.

What to do if you are Injured in a Rideshare Auto Accident

If you were injured in an accident while a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, there are several things that you should take immediately after the accident. First, and most obvious, is to get get prompt medical care and treatment.  You should report the accident to the police immediately after the accident, but if that is not possible then you should file a written accident report within twenty-four hours after the crash.  Many insurance companies require that you report the accident within one day in order to make a claim.

No-Fault Insurance Benefits After A Michigan Rideshare Car Accident

You are absolutely entitled to Michigan no-fault insurance benefits if you were injured in a rideshare vehicle.  These provide payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits.  You can get these benefits even if you did not own your own vehicle or have your own auto insurance policy.  We can help you file for these benefits.

Personal Injury Claims After a Michigan Rideshare Auto Accident

In addition to claims for no-fault insurance benefits, an injured rideshare passenger can also make claim for personal injuries from the accident.  The claim can be made against the driver that caused the accident.  If the ridesharing company driver was negligent, it may be possible to file a lawsuit against the company.

Rideshare accident injury settlements include compensation for pain and suffering, disability, and other money damages. In the event of a fatal accident, family members of the person killed in the accident can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.  These lawsuits provide compensation to the surviving family members.  These cases often result in substantial settlements and jury verdicts.

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We will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means there is no obligation for payment whatsoever unless we are able to recover a settlement for you. We will even pay all court costs and expenses. If your case is not successful for any reason, you owe us nothing. We put that in writing for you!

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