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Michigan Prison Injury & Jail Death Lawsuits

Michigan prison injury and wrongful death lawyers Our Michigan prisoner rights lawyers represent inmates and their families in lawsuits involving death and serious injuries.

The United States Supreme Court recognized the right to adequate medical care for inmates in a prison or otherwise incarcerated in jail. The government is responsible for the safety and welfare of a prisoner while in detention.

Who Can File A Prison Injury Or Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Any person who has personally, or on behalf of a family member, been neglected their Eighth Amendment rights of prisoners to adequate medical care and protection from violence of fellow inmates may file a prison injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

According to the eighth amendment, "conditions in prison must not involve the wanton and unnecessary infliction of pain, nor may they be grossly disproportionate to the severity of the crime warranting imprisonment."

The failure to uphold the basic health, protection and personal safety of an inmate on behalf of an incarceration facility is unconstitutional and is eligible to be met with legal action. 

Common Types of Prisoner Injury Lawsuits 

The most common types of injuries suffered by inmates include:

  • Excessive force by officers and guards.
  • Excessive use of weapons and restraints.
  • Sexual assaults and rape by officers.
  • Cruel, inhumane and unsanitary living conditions leading to infections and other diseases.
  • Unnecessary or severe isolation or solitary confinement.
  • Failure to provide adequate medical care in prison.
  • Purposefully or negligently disregarding and neglecting inmate injuries.
  • Torture tactics use by guards.
  • False imprisonment.
  • Ignoring safety hazards posed by one inmate by another inmate or group of inmates.

Lawsuits For Inmate Injuries & Death 

Prisoners do have legal rights while incarcerated, and it is considered unconstitutional for such rights to be ignored by wardens, officials, or prison staff. 

Your rights include:

  • Access to prison and court officials.
  • Accommodations for disabilities.
  • Adequate medical and mental health care.
  • Protection from cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Protection from sexual harassment or sexual crimes.
  • Protections under the first amendment.
  • Protections from discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, and age. 

A violation of prison rights could be the basis for a lawsuit seeking compensation for the injury and harm done during the period of incarceration. Inmates and family members can file a lawsuit against the governmental entity responsible for operating the prison and the prison officials. 

Many prisons and jails are owned or managed by private companies, and in addition to upholding an equal responsibility on behalf of the inmate, can be sued as well.

In cases involving the death of the inmate, the surviving family members can file a wrongful death lawsuit.  These lawsuits provide compensation to the family for their loss of society and companionship of the deceased relative.

Failure To Provide Proper Medical Care 

In many cases, prisoners develop serious medical conditions throughout their incarceration. In other cases, inmates have pre-existing medical conditions before they are incarcerated. 

In both instances, prison officials are required to provide necessary and required medical care to the prisoner during the period of incarceration.  Under the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, prison officials cannot show “deliberate indifference to serious medical needs of prisoners.” 

Common examples of failure to provide medical care include the following:

  • Intentionally withholding medical care.
  • Delaying treatment with the intent to harm the inmate.
  • Knowingly interfering with treatment.
  • Failing to carry out medical orders.
  • Neglecting signs of potential suicide or the inmate harming himself or herself.

The failure to provide an inmate with reasonable and adequate medical care is negligent and is the basis for a civil lawsuit.

Recent Michigan Prison Injury And Wrongful Death Settlements 

According to the Michigan Senate publications of the status of lawsuits involving the state of Michigan from 2016-2017, a total of $4,045,700.55 has been awarded to various plaintiffs on the grounds of mistreatment, or negligence, while incarcerated. 

Keynote cases include: 

  • Temujin v. Buskirk
    • Location: Saginaw
    • Amount awarded: $379,424.39
    • Summary: Inadequate medical treatment.
  • Boykin v. Allen
    • Location: Montcalm
    • Amount awarded: $550,000.00
    • Summary: Deliberate indifference to the decedent's request for medical attention.
  • Johnson v. MDOC
    • Location: Washtenaw
    • Amount awarded: $640,000.00
    • Summary: Racial discrimination
  • Vinson v. MDOC
    • Location: Ingham
    • Amount awarded: $520,000.00
    • Summary: Deliberate indifference to decedent's serious medical condition. 
  • Vorus v. MDOC
    • Location: Wayne
    • Amount awarded: $915,000.00
    • Summary: Racial discrimination

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