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Michigan Nursing Homes Fail Report Card

In a recent nursing home report card conducted by Families for Better Care, Michigan was unfortunately given an F, with overall rank of 44 compared to all other U.S. states (1 being best ranking). Michigan failed to care for its nursing home residents properly and it is proven through the many federal and state laws violations of the homes, inappropriate staffing levels, and ombudsman complaints.

The Michigan nursing home lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. represent residents who have been injured or killed due to negligent care and abuse from staff. We understand that placing your family member in a nursing home or extended care facility will be one of the most difficult choices you will ever have to make.  We know that it is important to find a residence that provides a safe environment and the best nurturing care possible, and it is very unfortunate to see Michigan did not pass the test.

In “Nursing Home Report Cards” study, the Families for Better Care found that 98 percent of Michigan’s nursing homes were cited for one or more deficiencies.  Additionally, 1 in 2 nursing homes were cited with a severe deficiency, indicating widespread abuse, neglect and mistreatment of residents.

Some of report cards key findings include:

  • Michigan has the nation’s highest percentage of nursing homes cited for a severe deficiency.Michigan Nursing Home's Grade Level
  • Nearly every Michigan nursing home was issued a deficiency for violating federal or state laws.
  • Michigan nursing homes failed to achieve an above average rating in any analyzed measure.
  • It appears Michigan’s mediocre staffing levels contributed to the state’s failing nursing home grade.
  • Michigan has a relatively low percentage of nursing homes without a verified ombudsman complaint.
  • Michigan’s nursing home care ranks near the bottom in the Great Lakes Region, scoring the region’s lowest grades in percentage of facilities with deficiencies and severe deficiencies.

To view Michigan’s 2013 Nursing Home Report card visit

Legal Rights of Neglected Nursing Home Patients

Patients and their families can file civil claims seeking money compensation for the injuries suffered due to nursing home neglect and abuse. In situations in which a patient dies due to the negligence of the facility, the family can file a Michigan Wrongful Death Claim for the loss of their loved one.

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