Michigan Nursing Home Lawsuit Statute of Limitations

Michigan Nursing Home Lawsuit Time DeadlinesThe Michigan statute of limitations for nursing home negligence cases is generally two years after the date of the negligent medical act, mistake, or error. The deadlines for filing lawsuits are set state statute and laws. 

However, many claims relating to Michigan nursing home neglect and abuse are considered as general negligence and not medical malpractice. In those cases, the deadline may be three years to file the lawsuit. The failure to file the claim within the three year period generally will forever bar the claim.

What is a Notice of Intent to File Lawsuit?

Michigan law also requires that the nursing home resident, or a person on behalf of the resident, serve a Notice of Intent to File Lawsuit on all possible negligent medical providers and the nursing home within the two year period. The failure to serve this notice in timely manner will also restrict the ability to file a case. However, the timing of the Notice of Intent can extend the statute of limitations period depending on the specific dates of a claim.

The statute of limitations is also extended in cases involving the wrongful death of the nursing home resident. This extension can be up to five years after the malpractice and depends on matters relating to probate court proceedings. 

These laws are confusing and very unforgiving so it is important that you contact our experienced nursing home attorneys as soon as possible after the resident’s death. We will listen to your story to see if you have a case and if there is still time left to file a lawsuit. If you have a case, we will start working on it immediately.

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WARNING: There are strict time deadlines for filing nursing home lawsuit claims.

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