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Who Pays No-Fault Benefits For Michigan Pedestrian Car Accidents?

Michigan pedestrian Accident No-Fault Benefit LawyersPedestrian accidents are an all too common in Michigan.  These accidents occur in parking lots, on sidewalks, in crosswalks, and on public streets and roads.  The injuries from  these accidents are often substantial and result in major medical treatment and loss of income.

Most pedestrians do not realize that they can file a claim for Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits after being hit by a car.  These benefits provide great financial assistance and relief for an injured pedestrian.  There is no limit on medical expenses and they last a lifetime.

These benefits are in addition to claims you can make against the driver struck you.  You may also be able to make a claim for compensation against the negligent driver.  We can also assist you with getting a settlement for your accident related injuries.

Questions About Pedestrian No-Fault Insurance Benefits

  • Am I entitled to no-fault insurance benefits if I was a pedestrian hit by a car?
  • What insurance forms do I need to fill out?
  • Which insurance company pays for my no-fault insurance benefits?
  • How much time does the insurance company have to pay my claims
  • Can I get paid my lost wages if I am unable to work due to my injuries?
  • How do I submit my medical bills and hospital expenses?
  • What forms do I need to submit to the insurance company?
  • What are my rights if the insurance company denies my benefits?
  • Is there a time limit for filing my insurance claim?

Do I get no-fault insurance benefits if I was hit by a car?

Yes.  Every pedestrian injured by an autombile, truck, bus, or motorcycle in Michigan is entitled to get no-fault insurance benefits.  This is true even if you did not own a car or have an auto insurance policy.  You are also entitled to these benefits even if you were totally or partially responsible for the accident.

What insurance forms do I need to fill out?

You must complete and send an Application for No-Fault Benefits to the insurance responsible for paying your benefits.  You can print a form from our website or request the form from the proper auto insurance company?

Which insurance company pays my no-fault insurance benfits?

There is an Order of Priority to determine which company must pay your benefits.  Depending on the circumstances, it could be your own insurance company, the insurer for a resident relative, or the striking vehicle.  In hit and run accidents, a claim can be filed with the Michgian Assigned Claims Plan and the plan will assign a company to pay your benefits.

How much time does the insurance company have to pay my claims?

Claims must generally paid within thirty (30) after being received by the company.  This may take longer if other verification, like a doctor's disability note, have not been completed and sent into the carrier.  Many times, the adjuster will simply delay payments or not make them at all.  In those cases, we file a lawsuit against the insurance company for unpaid benfits.

Can I get paid my lost wages if I am unable to work due to my injuries?

Yes. If you are disabled from work by a doctor due to accident related injuries, then are entitled to 85% of your pay as a wage loss claim.  Wage loss payments can last up to 36 months after the date of accident.  If you were actively looking for a job but were not employed on the accident date, you are still eligible to receive these payments.

How do I submit my medical bills and hospital expenses?

You can simply send all medical, prescription, physical therapy, and other bills to the insurance adjuster for payment.  If you have co-pays, just send those in also and you should receive a reimbursement check from the company.  You can also ask the medical provider to send the medical bills directly to the provider for payment?

What forms do I need to submit to the insurance company?

In addition to the Application for No-Fault Benefits, you will need to submit an Attending Physician Report signed by a doctor.  This form will tell the adjuster if you are disabled from work, whether you need more medical treatment, and if you require household services and attendant care services.  You will also need to send in forms itemizing your household service claim, your attendant care service claim, and transportation and medical mileage expenses.

What are my rights if the insurance company denies my benefits?

If your benefits are denied after a pedestrian accident, you will need to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the insurance company.  This is the only way to recover your unpaid benefits for medical bills, wage loss, and other benefits.

Is there a time limit for filing my No-Fault insurance claim?

Yes.  You must file your Application for No-Fault benefits within one year after the accident to preserve your right to benefits.  You must also submit any bills and claims to the adjuster within one year after it is incurred. If your benefits are unpaid, denied, or terminated, then you must file a lawsuit withing twelve (12) months after the bill or expense is incurred.

Our Michigan pedestrian accident lawyers will assist you in filing your insurance claims.  Many times, your no-fault insurance adjuster may deny or cut-off your benefits after an insurance medical examination.  Other times, the adjuster just ignores your claims or delays payment of your benefits.

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