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Michigan Neck Injury Lawyer: Herniated Discs & Fractures

Michigan Neck Injury LawyersOur Michigan personal injury lawyers often represent clients who have suffered painful neck injuries, like herniated cervical discs in Michigan car accidents, slip and fall accidents, work-related accidents, and all other personal injury accident matters.  These injuries often require extensive medical treatment and cause disability from work and recreational activities.  It is important that the personal injury attorney be knowledgeable on the various types of neck injuries and their treatments.

Common Neck Injuries

A common neck injury, especially from trauma, is the herniated cervical discs. The spine is made up of a series of connected bones called "vertebrae". The disc is a combination of strong connective tissues which hold one vertebra to the next, and acts as a cushion between the vertebrae. The disc is made of a tough outer layer called the "annulus fibrosis" and a gel-like center called the "nucleus pulpous." Through trauma, like an auto accident, the center of the disc may water content, making the disc less effective as a cushion. This may cause a displacement of the disc's center (called a herniated or ruptured disc) through a crack in the outer layer.

The two most common levels in the cervical spine to herniate are the C5 - C6 level (cervical 5 and cervical 6) and the C6 -C7 level. The next most common is the C4 - C5 level, and rarely the C7 - T1 level may herniate.

Symptoms of Neck Injuries - Herniated Discs

Arm pain from a cervical herniated disc is a very common cervical spine condition treated by spine specialists. Although a cervical herniated disc may originate from some sort of trauma or injury to the cervical spine, such as from an auto accident, the symptoms, including arm pain, often start spontaneously.
The arm pain from a cervical herniated disc results from the herniated disc material pinching or pressing on a cervical nerve, which causes pain to radiate along the nerve pathway down the arm. Along with the arm pain, numbness and tingling can be present down the arm and into the fingertips. Muscle weakness may also be present due to a cervical herniated disc.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Herniated discs are typically diagnosed through an MRI or CT scan.  At first, doctors will treat the injury conservatively with physical therapy, manipulation, and steroid injections.  They also often prescribe pain medications and exercise for the patient. If the conservative non-surgical treatment is not effective, the next step is frequently surgery.  This is performed either by an orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon. The goal of surgery is to make the herniated disc stop pressing on and irritating the nerves, causing symptoms of pain and weakness.

When Is Surgery Necessary For Neck Injuries?

To relieve nerve pressure and neck pain, surgery usually involves a partial disc removal or discectomy. This surgery is usually done from the front of the neck (called an anterior discectomy). In addition, the surgeon may need to access the problem disc by removing a portion of the bone covering the nerve. This procedure is called a laminectomy and is usually done from the back of the neck (posterior laminectomy).
These procedures can often be done utilizing minimally invasive spine surgery techniques.   This type of surgery does not require large incisions, but instead uses smaller cuts and tiny specialized instruments and devices such as a microscope and endoscope during the operation.
After a successful surgery, you can expect a reduction in pain and tingling in your arms and hands.  After physical therapy, you may be able return to work and recreational activities.

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