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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss When Accidents Happen

One way to reduce your chances of being injured in a Michigan motorcycle accident is to learn about how and why crashes occur. According to the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, 3,600 motorcycles were involved in accidents in the year 2012. Motorcyclists were injured in all but 858 of those accidents. It is therefore in the best interest of Michigan motorcyclists to exercise due care and to practice safe riding habits.

The Moment Before the Motorcycle Crash

In many cases, a review of what a motorcyclist was doing before a crash will help demonstrate how the accident could have been prevented. According to the Office of Highway Safety Planning:

  • The majority of the Michigan motorcycle accidents (2,414) that occurred in the year 2012 involved a motorcyclist who was simply going straight ahead. In straight-ahead accidents, 104 motorcyclists were killed and 2,030 were injured. When these types of accidents occur, it must be determined if the motorcyclist or another motorist was behaving negligently before the collision.
  • Motorcyclists were in the act of slowing or stopping on the roadway in 220 accidents. When such an accident occurs, investigators must look into whether the rider failed to stop in time or if another motorist was tailgating or driving distracted.
  • Even motorcycle riders who are at a complete stop are in danger of suffering an injury. There were 169 motorcycle accidents involving a completely stopped motorcycle and another 44 accidents that occurred when a motorcyclist was parked.
  • Failing to yield the right of way when turning is a common cause of motorcycle accidents as well. There were 144 motorcycle accidents that occurred when motorcyclists were turning left and another 123 that occurred while the motorcyclist was turning right. Motorcyclists must remember to obey traffic laws and to yield the right-of-way while turning. Car drivers must make every effort to look for motorcycles before making a turn.
  • Dangerous lane changes are a common cause of accidents as well. There were 66 motorcycle accidents that occurred in the year 2012 when a motorcyclist changed lanes.
  • Motorcyclists would be well advised to carefully watch out for animals, pedestrians and other vehicles. There were 97 accidents that occurred when a motorcycle rider attempted to avoid a vehicle, 21 that resulted from an animal on the roadway and three that occurred when a rider tried to avoid a pedestrian.

Motorcycle Accident Prevention

It is a good idea for all Michigan motorcyclists to pursue additional training courses and to practice safe riding habits. It is important to obey the speed limit, reduce speed in wet conditions and to slow down when traffic is congested. Of course, careless drivers can hurt even the safest motorcycle riders. If you have been harmed in a Michigan motorcycle accident, make sure you protect your rights. It is in your best interest to notify the authorities, collect information from the crash site, exchange information with anyone who may have witnessed the crash and see a doctor right away.

Contact A Michigan Motorcycle Accident Attorney

It is also advisable to call a skilled Michigan motorcycle accident attorney before discussing the specifics of your case with an insurance adjuster. Even those with adequate insurance can struggle to get the support they need. The knowledgeable Michigan personal injury attorneys at Buckfire & Buckfire P.C. will fight for the rights of injured motorcycle accident victims and work to ensure that they are fairly and fully compensated for their losses. Call our award winning law office today at 1-800-606-1717 to find out how we can help you in receiving the best possible compensation after your Michigan motorcycle accident.



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