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Michigan Medtronic Guidewire Recall Lawsuits

Patients who suffer significant harm or injury after having a Medtronic guidewire device inserted during a heart procedure do have legal rights and may be able to file a Michigan Medtronic guidewire recall lawsuit. 

At the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. our defective medical device attorneys are currently accepting cases on behalf of patients whose injuries or death is a direct result of the defective nature of the Medtronic device.

What is a Medtronic Guidewire?

A Medtronic Guidewire is a device used in heart surgery.  It is inserted through an artery and is used to guide other devices into place, such as a stent. The wires are coated with a film to allow them to slide through blood vessels more easily.

Recall on Medtronic Guidewire

Recently the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) put a Class one recall on the guidewires manufactured by Medtronic, due to its association with causing significant harm and even death to patients. The recall notice warned hospitals and distributors worldwide that coating on the guidewires could break off, which could raise the possibility of blocking a blood vessel.  A Class 1 recall is one of the most serious warning labels the FDA distributes on a product.

The 15,000 affected products being recalled were manufactured after mid-April 2013 and are listed below.

  • Cougar nitinol workhorse guidewire
  • Cougar steerable guidewire
  • Zinger stainless steel workhorse guidewire
  • Zinger steerable guidewire
  • Thunder extra-support guidewire
  • Thunder steerable guidewire
  • ProVia crossing guidewire
  • Attain Hybrid guide wire

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Filing a Michigan Medtronic Guidewire Recall Lawsuit

Due to the fact that the manufacturer placed a product on the market that proved to be dangerous, the company may be held liable for damages caused by the implant. 

Patients who suffer from complications due to the defective nature of the guidewires do have legal rights and may be able to pursue a lawsuit against Medtronic for their injuries.  These claims seek compensation and damages for pain and suffering, all medical costs incurred to date, medical expenses for any future treatment or surgery, lost wages, spousal damages, and punitive damages. Often times these lawsuits result in significant settlements for the patient.

Contact Your Michigan Medtronic Guidewire Device Lawyer

If you or your loved one suffer serious injuries after having a Medtronic guidewire inserted during heart surgery, you do have legal rights and should speak to one of our qualified Michigan lawyers about whether or not you are eligible for compensation. It is key that you choose the right attorney for your recall lawsuit, as that often means the difference between a fair settlement or no settlement at all.

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