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Michigan Medical Negligence Lawsuits From Wheelchair Fall Injuries

Our medical negligence team vigorously pursues lawsuits against nursing homes and hospitals involving cases in which patients suffer injuries after falling from a wheelchair.  These injuries can happen from a transfer either  into the wheelchair or out of the wheelchair. The falls often occur during a transfer to a toilet, shower, or car outside the facility ready to drive the patient back home. 

The injuries suffered from a wheelchair fall are often very serious.  Our office is currently handling wheelchair fall injury cases involving the following injuries: 

  • ·         Fractured hip to nursing home resident
  • ·         Fractured leg to hospital patient
  • ·         Closed head injury to hospital patient
  • ·         Wrongful death to nursing home resident

These injuries are very serious and require extensive medical treatment and surgery.  In one case, we have filed a wrongful death lawsuit for the family of the resident.

There is no justifiable reason for a wheelchair fall injury to occur in a medical setting.  Typically, they happen because the patient is not properly assisted with the transfer. Other times, the patient is not properly monitored in the wheelchair and is not attended to when the patient needs to transfer to a toilet, bed, or chair. Many of these patients are still under medications that impair their ability to safely transfer from the chair to another location and assistance is needed for the safe transfer.

When a hospital patient or nursing home patient is injured due to a fall from a wheelchair, the patient and his family should pursue a  medical negligence lawsuit against the facility for the injuries suffered by the fall.  These lawsuits often result in substantial settlements because the injuries because of the serious nature of the injuries and the lengthy course of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

The statute of limitations for medical negligence lawsuits in Michigan is generally two years from the date of the incident.  If you miss a deadline, your claim will be forever barred. To avoid missing a deadline, you should contact the Michigan injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. immediately.

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