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Michigan Lawyers Fight Insurance Companies For Car Accident Victims

Our Michigan lawyers fight car insurance companies every day in Michigan for victims of all types of auto accidents.  These include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, and pedestrian and bicycle accidents.   Many of these insurance disputes end up in court and we have a tremendous track record of successful settlements and verdicts against the insurance companies.

If you are the victim of an auto related accident and are dealing with the insurance company, you probably understand the insurance adjuster’s strategy by now.  It can be summed up in three words: Delay, Deny, and Defend. 

The “Delay” phase goes just like this.  The adjuster will first tell you that the insurance company needs more information to pay your claim. You run around and collect all of the information, records, and doctor’s notes to provide to the adjuster.  The adjuster then tells you that more is needed and that you need to submit more forms.  You do everything the adjuster asks you to do and then you get the “Deny” letter in the mail.

The “Deny” phase is the letter that advises you that you either did not provide enough information for the claim or there is some other absurd reason that your benefits will not be paid.  Many times, it is based upon the bogus insurance medical exam in which the company pays a “hired gun” doctor to say either that you do not require the benefit requested or that your disabling condition is not related to the accident.  Many of these doctors are multi-millionaires from this insurance company work and you can imagine how much money they have saved the insurance company over the years.

The “Defend” phase is after a lawsuit is filed and they attempt to defend their unscrupulous denial in a court of law.  They argue the same positions as in the “Deny” phase, but unfortunately for them they now have to defend their position under oath and their reasons for denying your claim can be exposed before a judge and jury.  Our Michigan lawyers are experts at cross-examining the insurance company adjusters and their fraudulent doctors to prove in court that the company wrongfully denied your claims.  We often force the insurance company to even pay our attorney’s fees and judgment interest for wrongfully denying your claim.

If your benefits have been improperly denied by the insurance company, you should call our lawyers who fight insurance companies in Michigan every day.  We will take over your battle and fight your case for you.  It is essential that you contact our law firm as soon as possible once you realize you are in the “Delay” phase so that you do not miss any important deadlines that will destroy your case.

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