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Independent Medical Examination Doctors in Michigan

Our Michigan personal injury lawyers represent accident and injury victims who are set up for "independent medical examinations" with doctors by insurance companies.   These doctors are essentially “hired guns” for the insurance companies whose main goal is to recommend the termination or reduction of important benefits.  These medical examinations are very common for cases involving no-fault insurance claims and worker’s compensation claims.

Many of the doctors who perform these examinations are paid a substantial amount of money by the insurance companies for performing these exams.  One Michigan neurologist recently testified that he had earned over $10,000,000.00 in his career from just performing insurance medical examinations.  Other doctors have admitted earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every year from the insurance companies for these exams.   You can imagine how many millions of dollars the insurance companies save every year by receiving favorable reports from these insurance company doctors.

Insurance company doctors include doctors from every area of medical specialty, including physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, dentists, and chiropractors.  In cases involving traumatic brain injuries or psychological damages, the insurance companies resort their stable of psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and psychologists.

Many of these doctors perform these evaluations in their own offices, while others see the patient at the offices of a medical examination company.  A doctor will often devote an entire day of the week to seeing patients at one of these exam mills and see up to twenty injury victims in a single day.  The most frequently used medical examination companies in Michigan include:

    • Michigan Evaluation Group (MEG)
    • Independent Medical Evaluations, P.C.
    • Exam Works
    • MES or MES Solutions
    • Nationwide IME
    • Professional Medical Services

These doctors will occasionally support the current treatment of the accident victim and recommend continued treatment and disability, they most often make recommendations to the insurance companies to cutoff or terminate necessary benefits. The insurance company will then terminate payment for necessary medical treatment which leaves the patient without medical care and facing substantial medical bills. By cutting wage loss benefits, the injury victim is without income to support himself or his family.

Our experienced Michigan accident and injury lawyers regularly file lawsuits against insurance companies who terminate benefits based upon an independent medical examination.   We take the depositions of the examining doctor and prove that they are biased towards the insurance company and their findings were incorrect.  We have had tremendous success in getting terminated insurance benefits either paid or reinstated for our clients.

 If your insurance company has scheduled you for an "independent medical exam" or has already terminated or reduced your benefits, you should call us right away so that we can start working on your case.  Our experienced team of lawyers has the knowledge and skill to win your case.


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We represent personal injury, car accident, auto accident, worker’s compensation, and disability insurance clients who have had independent medical examinations with Michigan Evaluation Group (MEG), Independent Medical Evaluations, P.C., Exam Works, MES or MES Solutions, Nationwide IME, Professional Medical Services, and all other companies setting up insurance medical examinations for insurance companies.