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Damages for Wrongful Death of Mother

Our Michigan wrongful death lawyers represent children who suffer the tragic loss of their mother. The cases often arise out of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice cases, and other accidents that result in death.  Potential damages include loss of society and companionship, loss of earnings and support, and claims for loss of services.

Loss of services benefits are payment of services your mother performed in which you were dependent upon. Listed below are some of the most common examples of these services and a projected annual cost for the loss of services (total annual cost equaling $60,182):

  • Cooking ; $6,607
  • Driving; $6,407
  • Helping with homework; $7,390
  • Taking care of the kids; $19, 916
  • Nursing wounds; $432
  • Cleaning up; $5,096
  • Planning parties; $1,427
  • Summer activity planner; $8,112
  • Haircuts; $286
  • Shopping for the family; $1,587
  • Family finances; $621
  • Yard work; $553
  • Fixing up the house; $816
  • Finding out what the kids are up to; 869

According to, it was found that the cost for the loss of services from a mother can total up to $60,182 annually. This number is a drop compared to 2011’s numbers, of a total of $61,436. However, even with the drop of about two percent, this still is an amount that most families could not afford to pay.

The value of a mother and her services performed in the household is priceless. However, when the unfortunate circumstance happens and a mother is killed in a tragic accident, it is wise that loved ones who have lost their mother understand their entitlement to payment of the services performed by their father, or loss of services. If the children are young at the time of the death, the value of these losses can go up until the youngest child’s eighteenth birthday.

The figures above are a general survey and the services performed by a mother to her children vary from family to family. Our wrongful death attorneys typically hire an economist in each case to evaluate the services provided by father and to calculate the exact loss to the family. This assists us in obtaining the highest wrongful death settlement for the surviving family.

Our Buckfire law wrongful death attorneys will discuss your case with you and determine all of the types of damages that can be claimed in your particular case.  We will then file a lawsuit against on your behalf to obtain the highest settlement for you and your family. 

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