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Michigan Laparoscopic Surgery Error Malpractice Lawyer

Every surgical procedure has certain risks and potential complications that may not be avoidable. Other complications can be avoided with appropriate pre- and intra-operative planning and attention. The medical malpractice lawyers of Buckfire & Buckfire P.C represent laparoscopic surgical patients who were harmed by preventable medical errors and mistakes. Common surgical mistakes during laparoscopy can include cutting the bile duct, perforating a vital organ, or failing to remove all malignant tissue in the course of laparoscopic cancer surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery Procedure

Laparoscopic surgeries are those performed by inserting a small camera and surgical tools through a small incision.

Laparoscopic surgery depends on the highly skilled use of a cutting beam at the end of a small wire inserted through a small incision. When successful, laparoscopy can achieve the objectives of conventional surgical procedures with significantly less trauma to surrounding tissue, with the additional benefits of less time under anesthesia and a faster recovery period.

Laparoscopic Surgery Risks

When unsuccessful, however, laparoscopic surgery can result in extremely serious injuries or death. The laparoscopic surgeon is supposed to recognize injury during the operation. Usually a specialist is then called into the OR to repair the damage – whether it is to a nerve, blood vessel, bowel or another structure. Malpractice can occur when the surgeon:

  • Fails to notice and correct an injury, especially if it is a common one like a nick to a bowel.
  • Fails to call in a specialist if the surgeon lacks solid experience in repairing this kind of injury.
  • Fails to monitor the patient's condition closely after surgery and move aggressively at the first sign that there may have been an injury.
  • Fails to correctly use antibiotics to protect against infection.

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