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Lacerations are cuts or wounds that occur during personal injuries such as car accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, slip and falls, and other personal injury accidents. A laceration occurs when sharp objects or blunt trauma cause a cut to the skin. Lacerations can vary from superficial wounds to deep cuts, which may cause serious complications to an injury, or in the extreme cases, may be fatal.

Laceration Injuries

There are several types of lacerations. Laceration is a general term, used to describe any cut to the skin. Gash refers to any long or deep laceration, such as would be found on a leg or arm. Avulsion refers to a cut in which the skin has been torn away from the body. Finally, abrasion refers to a wound in which the skin has been scraped away from the injured body part but is not missing. A scraped knee or elbow is usually an abrasion.

Treatment For Laceration Injuries

The first goal of treatment is to stop any bleeding through the use of pressure or a tourniquet. After bleeding has ceased, it is imperative to clean the wound to prevent infection. Pain killers may be used to limit pain. In certain situations, further treatment such as a Tetanus shot or bandaging or switching may be necessary. Treatment of bandages and continued monitoring of the wound should also be performed as necessary.

Complications of Laceration Injuries

A laceration that is poorly treated or not treated at all may cause complications. Continued pain and weakness are two extremely common problems that can result from poor treatment. Infections are also very prevalent among wounds which are improperly bandaged.

Scarring or disfigurement is a very important complication of laceration wounds. The law places a value on being free from scars and disfigurement. Many people do not realize this, but even if all their other wounds heal, they can still sue over a scar. If disfigurement has caused emotional problems, such as depression, the injured person may also be able to collect damages for the emotional harm as well.

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