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Our Michigan nursing home attorneys represent patients who suffer from pressure sores on their knees in a nursing home facility due to neglect and abuse.  If there is suspicious knee pressure sores on your loved one’s knee there may be means for a nursing homes neglect lawsuit. In cases like these, lawsuits are brought against the Michigan nursing homes because medical staff at the homes let a resident’s knee pressure sores go unnoticed or worse yet, go untreated.

What Causes Knee Pressure Sores?

Knee ulcers or knee pressure sores are caused by pressure on the knee itself while sitting up in a chair or wheelchair, or lying in bed. It may seem like a small thing but when the knees touch each other, this makes them more susceptible to develop these pressure sores. These sores commonly develop among those who are elderly, sick, disabled and others who have difficulty moving themselves, such as those who have spinal cord injuries, those who are weak or who have suffered a stroke. In fact, any patient who is bedridden is prone to develop knee ulcers or knee pressure sores.

When there’s pressure on the knee from lying in the same position for hours or one knee on top of the other, the area on the knee affected most by the pressure experiences a reduced blood supply. Knee pressure sores or knee ulcers then form on the knee(s). The longer the knee ulcer is allowed to exist, the more the damage accumulates as the ulcer damages more and more tissue. In the worst cases of these types of conditions, the bone, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints will be destroyed.

Just because your loved one is at risk to develop these knee ulcers doesn’t mean that there’s not a degree of neglect involved. The fact is that these knee pressure sores are completely preventable with proper care, treatment, and monitoring. Health professionals have a standard of care they are supposed to follow. When these knee pressure sores are allowed to progress, painful knee pressure sores can become disabling. When they do, the patient can file a lawsuit against a nursing home.

Do You Need A Michigan Nursing Home Knee Pressure Sore Lawyer?

Have you noticed that things are not right at the Michigan nursing home where your family member is currently living? Do you need a bed sore attorney? Have you wondered why sores on your loved one’s knee (s) do not improve? Have you observed your loved ones receiving skimpy meals devoid of sound nutrition? What about dressings on the knee that aren’t changed often or how your loved one doesn’t remember the last doctor visit?

All these may be signs that you should contact a Michigan nursing home bed sore attorney right away to schedule a consultation free of charge.

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The experienced nursing home lawyer experts at Buckfire & Buckfire Law Office specialize in cases of knee pressure ulcers and bed sores. You want expert attorneys who are known for their very successful track record for winning sizeable settlements against Michigan nursing homes when nursing home staff fail to properly care for their residents and knee pressure ulcers and bed sores.

The problem is that your loved one will continue to suffer from these conditions, which can even lead to serious infections and death. Knee pressure ulcers and bed sores can be life-threatening. And if that happens, you’ll never forgive yourself later in life for what you could have done.

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