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Independent Medical Examinations in Michigan

Our Michigan personal injury lawyers represent accident and injury victims who are set up for "independent medical examinations" by insurance companies.   Anyone who has been subjected to one of these examinations knows full well that they are not independent exams at all, but rather the trigger for the insurance company to terminate or reduce their benefits.   These examinations are very common for cases involving no-fault insurance claims and worker’s compensation claims.

The injury victim will typically receive a letter in the mail from either their insurance adjuster or another company notifying them that they are required to appear for the examination.  The companies that arrange for these insurance exams have stables of doctors ready and willing to exam the accident victim and write a report recommending the termination of benefits or reducing the amount of those benefits.  The insurance company then relies on the written report as a basis to cut-off much needed payments.

The most frequently used medical examination companies in Michigan include:

    • Michigan Evaluation Group (MEG)
    • Independent Medical Evaluations, P.C.
    • Exam Works
    • MES or MES Solutions
    • Nationwide IME
    • Professional Medical Services

These companies have a stable of doctors who regularly perform evaluations for insurance companies.  Many of these doctors do not even treat patients and find it very lucrative to perform these insurance company exams. One neurologist recently admitted to earning over $10 million dollars for these exams.

These not so independent doctors cause significant harm and damage to the injury victims. As a result of their often bogus findings and opinions, the insurance company will terminate payment for necessary medical treatment which leaves the patient without medical care and facing substantial medical bills. By cutting wage loss benefits, the injury victim is without income to support himself or his family.

Our experienced Michigan personal injury lawyers regularly file lawsuits against insurance companies who terminate benefits based upon an independent medical examination.  If your insurance benefits terminated because of an "independent medical exam," you need to call us right away so that we can start working on your case.  In an exam has been scheduled for you in the near future, you'll want to speak to our lawyers so that we can give you advice before your exam. We may be able to prevent the doctor from cutting off your benefits.



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We represent personal injury, car accident, auto accident, worker’s compensation, and disability insurance clients who have had independent medical examinations with Michigan Evaluation Group (MEG), Independent Medical Evaluations, P.C., Exam Works, MES or MES Solutions, Nationwide IME, Professional Medical Services, and all other companies setting up insurance medical examinations for insurance companies.