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Michigan Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyers

Our Michigan hit and run accident lawyers help victims of these serious accidents get compensation and settlements.  We can help you if you or someone you care about was injured by a hit and run driver.  We represent accident victims injured in cars as drivers and passengers, as well as bicyclists and pedestrians.

Do I Have to Report a Hit and Run Accident to the Police?

It is always best to report a hit and run accident to the police, even if you do not feel like you were seriously injured in the accident.  First, you do not want the other driver to make a report and blame you for the accident.  You might then be accused of leaving the scene of the crash.

Second, most insurance companies require that a traffic crash report be filed within twenty-four (24) hours after the accident to qualify for uninsured motorists benefits under a policy.  These benefits may pay you pain and suffering damages from your own policy if the hit and run driver is never located.  However, you may be barred from this type of settlement if you failed to file a written police report within twenty-four hours after the accident.

Third, you will need an accident report to file you no-fault insurance claim.  The insurance company will need proof of the accident and the written police crash report is the best evidence that there was an accident.

Fourth, many times you might have general soreness for a few days after the accident and may not realize you suffered a serious injury.  If your pain persists and you are later diagnosed with a serious injury, you will want to pursue all possible claims.

Finally, many insurance companies require a written accident report to pay your property damage claim.  Without a written report, you may have a hard time getting your car repaired or receiving fair market value for a totaled vehicle.

Can I get No-Fault Insurance Benefits for a Michigan Hit And Run Car Accident?

Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits are often available to people injured in a hit and run accident.  Benefits include unlimited lifetime medical expenses, lost wages, and other significant benefits.  Every passenger, bicyclist, and pedestrian can get these benefits  even if they did not own a vehicle or have a No-Fault insurance policy. Drivers injured in a hit and run accident are also eligible to make these clams.

Our attorneys will help you identify the proper auto insurance for your no-fault insurance claim.  We will then help you complete the application and submit all of your claims.  We will communicate with the adjuster to make sure payments are sent.

Can I Get a Settlement after a Michigan Hit and Run Auto Accident?

You may be able to get a pain and suffering settlement after a hit and run accident, even if the negligent driver is never identified.  If you your auto insurance policy, or a policy on the vehicle you were in at the time of the accident, has uninsured motorists benefits coverage, you may be entitled to a significant settlement.

Our lawyers will review all of the insurance policies and the facts of the case to determine if you qualify for a settlement.  If you do, we will notify the insurance company and begin the claims process.  Many times, we are forced to file an uninsured motorists lawsuit against the insurer to get you the best possible settlement.

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We will represent you in your hit and run accident case under our NO FEE PROMISE. This means that you will not be charged any legal fees whatsoever unless we obtain a settlement or recovery for you. You have absolutely no obligation for legal fees unless we win your case. If we do not obtain a settlement for you, you owe us nothing!

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