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Michigan Head-On Car Accident Lawyers

Michigan head on collision accident lawyersOur Michigan car accident lawyers frequently represent clients injured in head-on collision car accidents. Although head-on collisions are a more rare form of automobile accident, this type of accident produce one of the highest injury and fatality rates of all types of car accidents. Our team of expert lawyers have years of experience handling head-on collision accidents and recovering compensation for those who have been injured. In case where a driver is killed in a head-on collision, our lawyers can file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation for the surviving family members. 

Causes of Michigan Head-On Collision Accidents

Head-on collision car accidents are rare but extremely dangerous. Here are the top causes of head-on collision accidents in Michigan:

  • Driving the wrong way on a one way street
  • Crossing over a dividing line into oncoming traffic
  • Passing another vehicle on a two lane road
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Driving distractions (using cellular devices or other devices)
  • Drunk driving
  • Failing to read and follow road signs

Common Injuries In Head-On Collisions In Michigan

Because head-on collisions can be extremely violent accidents, they have a tendency to cause serious injury. Here are some of the most common injuries sustained in head-on collision accidents in Michigan:

  • Back and spinal cord injuries (sometimes causing paralysis)
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Closed head injuries
  • Death

It is important to note that many injuries in head-on collisions also occur when those involved in the crash are violently thrown from the vehicle. This is why it is incredibly important to follow all safety precautions while driving, including wearing a seatbelt and properly positioning and fastening car seats for children. Today's vehicles are designed to minimize the risk of injury in the event of a head-on collision if all safety protocol is followed.

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