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Michigan Firearm Accident Lawyer

Michigan firearm Accidental Discharge LawyersOur Michigan firearm accident lawyers represent injury victims and their families in cases involving firearm accidents, accident shootings, and intentional shootings.  Homicide, suicide, and accidental gun discharge are the leading causes of these deaths.

Factors in Michigan Accidental Discharge Case

Accidental discharge occurs when the gun discharges unintentionally.  This often happens when people are playing with guns and rifles or when they failure to take necessary safety measures to lock the gun.  A common occurrence is when the handler of the gun is unaware that there is a bullet in the gun.

Another leading reason that accidental discharge occurs is defective manufacturing.  Some models are considered defective but have not yet been recalled.  These owners of these guns may be at a higher risk of injury due to accidental discharge.  These guns include Excam Derrigner, Lorcin pistols, Remington Model 700 hunting rifle, and the Sturm, Ruger, and Company's Old Model single action revolver.

Accidental discharge can also be caused by improper handling or when a loaded firearm is transported in a car or truck, or by other reasons.  If an accident discharge occurs because of someone's negligence, the person injured as a result of that negligence may be able to bring a lawsuit against the negligent person.

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