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Michigan Lawyers Filing Class Action Lawsuits

Our lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. represent clients in cases against large corporations. Primarily, these are cases for dangerous drugs, defective medical devices, and consumer fraud and injury cases. Although any lawyer licensed to practice law can file a class action lawsuit, there are very few with the skill, knowledge, and expertise to prepare and file this type of case.  It is essential that you choose the best class action attorney to handle your claim.

There are basically two types of lawsuits that are classified as class action lawsuits. The first type is known as Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) and this is essentially a large number of individual cases that are filed separately in multiple federal courts but coordinated together in a single district court to make the process more efficient. In a Multidistrict Litigation lawsuit, there is one judge that coordinates all of the pre-trial proceedings and issues a scheduling order for all cases.  When a case comes to trial, it is treated as its own case and not lumped together with all of the other cases in the MDL.

A class action lawsuit is filed by a single person or small group who share the same or similar claim with a large number of other people. If a judge determines that the person or group who filed the class action lawsuit adequately represents the interests of the entire class of people injured by the defendant, then the class will be "certified" and the class action lawsuit may proceed.  Unlike an MDL, this is one lawsuit filed for all of the people in the class. Once a class action lawsuit has been resolved by way of a settlement or verdict, all the members of the class as defined in the lawsuit, are bound by the outcome.

A person who joins a class action essentially relinquishes a significant amount of control over their own case.  This is because you become just a number in what can be hundreds or even thousands of claimants and you lose your ability to make your own decisions on the case.  The lead plaintiff and class action attorneys control the outcome of your case and you may be afforded little or no opportunity to tell your story or determine the result that you want.

There are certain cases that are best suited for Multidistrict Litigation and others that are better suited for a class action lawsuit.  If you were harmed by a dangerous drug, medical device, or were a consumer ripped off by a large corporation, then you often can decide if you should join a class action or a Multidistrict Litigation suit.  This decision plays a major factor in determining whether you will receive a settlement or not.

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