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Michigan Car Accident No Insurance – MI Auto Accident Uninsured

Our Michigan car accident lawyers are frequently contacted by clients involved in car accidents with no insurance.  These involve accidents in which the driver has no insurance or when another driver in the accident has no insurance.  There are a number of different legal scenarios when there is a car accident with no insurance. 

Michigan car accident law requires that all motorists in Michigan carry liability insurance in the event of an accident.  The truth is that many drivers who drive on our streets and highways do not have any insurance coverage on their vehicle.  As a result, the ability to sue another driver for a personal injury claim or qualify for no-fault insurance benefits is often dependent on if there was an insurance policy at the time of the accident. 

Under Michigan law, a person driving his or her own vehicle with no insurance cannot sue a negligent driver for pain and suffering damages, even if hit by a drunk driver.  The accident victim may still be able to file a claim for excess lost wages against the other driver in certain circumstances.  Our attorneys can evaluate this type of claim for you to see if you qualify under Michigan law.

If you are driving someone else’s car or are a passenger in someone else’s car without auto insurance, you can still make a claim for pain and suffering damages and Michigan no-fault insurance benefits.  You can make these claims even if you did not have your own car insurance policy at the time of the accident.  Our lawyers can assist you in making both of these types of car accident claims.

In many circumstances, you might be involved in a car accident where the other drive had no insurance.  If you had an auto insurance policy or a member of your household had a policy, you may still be able to obtain no-fault insurance benefits under another policy.  You may also be able to file an uninsured motorists claim for your pain and suffering damages.

Our auto accident attorneys will review your car accident case, even if there is no insurance, to determine which legal rights to compensation you have under the Michigan car accident laws.  There are very strict time limitations in pursuing these types of claims.  Therefore, we recommend that you contact our car accident attorneys immediately at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case or by completing the Get Help Now box on this page. You will speak to an experienced Michigan auto accident attorney.