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Michigan Car Accident Laws for Wrongful Death Claims

Our Michigan car accident lawyers represent family members of victims of fatal car accidents.  Because a death from an auto accident is sudden and unexpected, the surviving family members are left with many questions as to how the accident happened, who was at fault, and what are the Michigan car accident laws for wrongful death claims.  Our legal team fully explains these laws and the no-fault insurance benefits available to the family.  We also pursue a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent driver to recover compensation for the family.

There are two types of claims that can be pursued after a fatal Michigan car accident.  The first claim is for survivor loss benefits under the Michigan No-Fault Statute.  The second claim is a wrongful death claim under both the Michigan Wrongful Death Statute and the applicable Michigan statutes for auto accident cases.

The survivor loss benefits claim is made pursuant to the Michigan No-Fault laws.  These claims are strictly for monetary losses, and not for the pain and suffering of the accident victim or the loss of companionship suffered by the loss.  Claims for survivor loss benefits include payment of funeral expenses, recovery for the loss of support provided to the family for three years after the accident, and the value of the household services provided to the family for three years after the car accident.  There are strict time deadlines and requirements for filing these claims and our attorneys will assist you preparing and submitting all of the paperwork in a timely and proper manner.

The second claim available to the family under the Michigan car accident laws is a wrongful death claim if another driver was at fault for the accident.  A claim can be made for a passenger who is killed in an accident due to the negligent driving of the person driving the car that the passenger is occupying at the time of crash.  Under this claim, the family members can assert claims for money damages for their loss of society and companionship of the decedent, the pain and suffering endured by the accident victim from the time of the accident until the time of death, and the loss of earnings and support to the family beyond the initial three year post-accident period.

It is essential that our law firm be contacted as soon as possible after the accident so that we can perform a full and detailed investigation.  We hire top investigators to obtain witness statements, take photographs, and all other evidence needed to prevail in the case.  Although most family members are not thinking about a lawsuit within days of tragic accident, this is the most important time to gather the evidence necessary to prove and win the case.

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