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Michigan Car Accident Laws for Vehicle Modification Claims

Our Michigan car accident lawyers represent victims who have suffered serious injuries in auto accidents.   When the injury victim suffers a severe and disabling injury, like a spinal cord injury or amputation injury, there is often the need for a specialized vehicle or van to accommodate the physical, mental, or functional limitations of the accident victim.  These modifications are often made so that the accident victim can drive the vehicle himself or herself, or to accommodate a wheelchair for a passenger of the vehicle.

Vehicle modifications are made in a number of ways.  First, an existing vehicle can be modified to add special equipment to the steering wheel, brakes, or gas pedal so that it can be safely operated by the driver so that it can be operated in the same manner as it was before the accident.  Second, a vehicle can be modified with wide doors and motorized lift so that a wheelchair can easily be taken in and out of the vehicle.  Many times, the insurance company will have to pay to purchase a new van and pay to have it modified to accommodate the needs of the accident victim.

Typically, an occupational therapist will assess the existing vehicle and determine whether it can be modified or whether a new vehicle is necessary.  Based upon that recommendation, a company that specializes in vehicle modification will put together a cost estimate for the project and submit it to the insurance company adjuster.   The insurance company adjuster may want to have another analysis done to compare recommendations and pricing for the vehicle modification.  Once this is done and the parties can agree on the work to be done, the insurance company can then pay to have the project completed.

Unfortunately, many times the insurance company refuses to pay for these vehicle modification expenses even though it is required to do so under the Michigan car accident laws.  If this happens to you or there are constant delays in moving forward with the project, you should contact our auto accident attorneys so that we can step in and force the insurance company to pay for your vehicle modifications.  The insurance company will often delay, delay, delay, and then deny the claim so you should not be surprised if this happens.  Once we step in and file your lawsuit, the insurance company miraculously ends up paying for the project to be completed.

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