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Michigan Car Accident Laws for Home Modification Claims

Our Michigan car accident lawyers represent victims who have suffered serious injuries in auto accidents.   When the injury victim suffers a severe and disabling injury, like a spinal cord injury or amputation injury, he or she cannot return to their home and live the way they were accustomed to doing so before the accident.  This is because they now have special needs for their living accommodations and their home was not designed or constructed to accommodate those special needs.

The Michigan car accident laws provide for payment of home modifications by the auto insurance company under the Michigan no-fault insurance laws.  Home modifications are changes to car accident victim's home, apartment, or living space that accommodate the victim's accident-related limitations.  These changes then allow the victim to live and move about their residence freely and without barriers.   When an accident victim’s home cannot be modified to accommodate the special needs, there are occasions in which the insurance company will have to pay for a full home renovation or construction of a new, modified home.

Typically, an occupational therapist will visit the home and perform a detailed walk through of the residence to analyze if the home is suited for ordinary living for the accident victim.  This analysis includes whether handicapped ramps are needed for wheelchairs for entrances and exits, whether the bathrooms are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs to access the toilet, whether the showers and baths are constructed to accommodate wheelchairs and shower stools, and whether the accident victim can access upper and lower levels using the stairs. 

The occupational therapist will then prepare a report and often contact a construction company to provide an estimate for constructing the home modifications.  The insurance company adjuster may want to have another analysis done to compare recommendations and pricing for the project.  Once this is done and the parties can agree on the work to be done, the insurance company can then pay to have the project completed.

Unfortunately, many times the insurance company refuses to pay for these home modification expenses even though it is required to do so under the Michigan car accident laws.  If this happens to you or there are constant delays in moving forward with the project, you should contact our auto accident attorneys so that we can step in and force the insurance company to pay for your home modifications.  The insurance company will often delay, delay, delay, and then deny the claim so you should not be surprised if this happens.  Once we step in and file your lawsuit, the insurance company miraculously ends up paying for the project to be completed.

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