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Closed Head Injury & Attendant Care Services After A Michigan Car Accident

Michigan closed head injury after car accidentOur closed head injury lawyers frequently represent clients and their families in claims arising from Michigan car accidents. When the accident victim has suffered a closed head injury, there is a significant impact of both the injured person and the family.  We assist these clients in No-Fault Insurance claims to make sure that the insurance company is paying all required benefits  under Michigan law.

The Michigan No-Fault Insurance laws provide a substantial number of benefits for anyone who suffered a closed head injury or a traumatic injury in an auto accident.   These include payment of lost wages, household services, medical mileage, payment of medical expenses, and attendant care services. There are strict time deadlines for submitting all of these claims.

Michigan car accident victims with a closed head injury often need attendant care services while at home.  Attendant care benefits are actually a part of the medical benefits provided under the No-Fault laws.  For brain injury victims, services often include assistance with medications, assistance with activities of daily living, monitoring, and supervision. A physician must write a script for these services and it is the physician who generally determines the number of hours each day that attendant care services are necessary.

Michigan No-Fault Insurance Benefits & Attendant Care Services

The insurance company is responsible for paying these benefits to either a home care agency, a person selected by the patient, or a family member providing the services. Attendant care service benefits can be substantial and cost the insurance company a significant sum of money, so many adjusters do not fully explain these benefits to the accident victim or the person providing the care.

The insurance company often substantially underpays both the hourly rate and number of hours for attendant care services. We strongly recommend that you contact our office to determine whether attendant care benefits are being properly paid. Frequently, the benefits are being unpaid or underpaid and  litigation is necessary to recoup that money and to ensure future payments are appropriate.

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If you suffered a closed head injury in a Michigan car accident or you are caring for someone who suffered this type of injury in an auto-related accident, you should call us today to make sure the insurance company is paying every penny owed for attendant care services.  We will evaluate your situation at no charge and advise you if the benefits are being properly paid or whether the insurance company owes you money.

Call us now at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your attendant care claim with an experienced lawyer. If you are owed money by the insurance company, we will handle your case under our No Fee Promise, which means you do not get charged any fee unless we get you a settlement.  There are strict deadlines for filing claims so it is important that you call us today.


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