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Michigan SPECT Scans For Brain Injury Victims

Michigan Brain Injury Lawyers: SPECT ScansOur Michigan brain injury lawyers frequently represent clients who have received SPECT scan testing as part of their diagnosis and treatment. Victims of traumatic accidents often must undergo many tests to determine the extent of their injuries. A Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography scan, or SPECT scan, is a type of nuclear imaging test that is able to show how blood flows to tissues and organs throughout the body.   

Michigan Brain Injuries: Understanding SPECT Scans

SPECT scans integrate two technologies to view your body: computed tomography (CT) and a radioactive material (tracer). The tracer is what allows doctors to see how blood flows to tissues and organs.

Before the SPECT scan, the injured person is injected with a chemical that is radiolabled, meaning it emits gamma rays that can be detected by the scanner. The test differs from a PET scan in that the chemical stays in the blood stream rather than being absorbed by surrounding tissues, thereby limiting the images to areas where blood flows. SPECT scans are cheaper and more readily available than higher resolution PET scans.

The computer then collects the information emitted by the gamma rays and translates them into two-dimensional cross-sections. These cross-sections can be added back together to form a 3D image of the brain.

Benefits of SPECT Scans for Brain Injury Victims

SPECT scans are primarily used to view how blood flows through the arteries and veins in the brain. Studies have shown that these tests might be more sensitive to brain injuries than either MRI or CT scanning because it can detect reduced blood flow to injured sites.

SPECT scanning is also useful for pre-surgical evaluation of medically uncontrolled seizures. The test can be performed between seizures (interictal) or during a seizure (ictal) to determine the blood flow to areas where the seizures originate.

This type of scanning is also useful in diagnosing stress fractures in the spine (spondylolysis), blood deprived areas (ischemic) of brain following a stroke. It has also been successful in indentifying tumors in the brain.

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Our Michigan brain injury lawyers often obtain copies of the actual films from SPECT scans to show to a jury and explain how the actual structure of the brain has been affected by the injury. Then, we use an expert witness, such as a neurologist or neuropsychologist to explain how this injury has impacted the life of the client. We have been able to prove the extent and seriousness of brain injuries to multiple different juries in Michigan using the help of SPECT scans. 

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