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Michigan Birth Injury LawyersOur Michigan birth injury lawyers handle several types of birth injuries and birth defects. Many types of injuries can occur during pregnancy, labor or after birth. Birth trauma is an injury to the child during the delivery.

Caring for a child with a birth injury, caused by the negligence, costs a tremendous amount of money over the lifetime of the child.  Lifetime expenses include money for medical care,  education, specialized housing and transportation vans, and supervision.  Parents often stay awake at night worrying about how to pay these expenses and how their child will be taken care of once they are gong. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit for a birth injury can result in a settlement that will take care of these expenses for the lifetime of the child.

Medical errors can cause birth injuries or can increase their severity or permanence. Medical errors  leading to a birth defect include failing to anticipate birth complications, such as your baby's twisted umbilical cord; failure to respond appropriately to bleeding; failure to respond to fetal distress; delay in ordering a cesarean section when medically necessary; misuse of forceps or a vacuum extractor during delivery; or poor after-care.

If your child was injured at birth and you are concerned about your baby's future and the significant money you will need to care for your child, you should contact our experienced Michigan birth injury lawyers today to discuss your case.  We will get all of the medical records and fetal monitoring strips and have them reviewed by a nationally recognized medical expert to see if a medical mistake caused the birth defect.  If you have a case, we will file a lawsuit for you and your child.

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