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Settlements in Bedsore Cases: Bed Sore Lawsuits

Bedsore Settlements MichiganOur bedsore lawyers sue nursing homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers in cases involving bedsores, pressure ulcers, and decubitus ulcers that develop on patients during admissions to medical facilities.  When a patient enters a medical facility without any evidence of skin breakdown and later develops a bedsore, it often gives rise to the filing of a medical negligence lawsuit.  These lawsuits seek compensation for the injury and harm caused by the bedsore.

How do you prove negligence in a bed sore lawsuit?

In determining the best settlement amount for a bedsore case, the first step is to determine the liability of the medical facility.  The facility is required to assess the patient upon admission for the risk of developing a bedsore and then to implement a care plan to prevent a sore from occurring.  Quite often, there is plan that is completed but never followed by the medical staff.  By the time the bedsore is observed, it has often advanced into a Stage 3 or Stage 4 bedsore.

Once it has been proven that the facility was negligent, the next step is to evaluate the harm caused by the bedsore. Damages from a bedsore often include infections, sepsis, osteomyelitis, and other conditions that injure the skin, tissues, and surrounding bone.  In some cases, a patient suffers death due to a severely infected bedsore.  In other cases, debridement treatment or skin flap surgery is necessary for the condition.

What determines the settlement in a bed sore lawsuit?

The settlement value of a bedsore lawsuit is based upon the facts of each individual case, but includes the:

  • Severity of bedsore
  • Treatment used for the bedsore
  • Pain and suffering caused by the bedsore
  • Any disfigurements caused by the bedsore
  • Medical expenses and bills related to the bedsore

What are examples of bed sore lawsuit settlements?

Our attorneys have obtained significant bedsore settlements for vicitms.  We have listed some of these settlements below:

  • $ 400,000 settlement against a nursing home for failing to prevent a large bed sore in resident.  The resident required surgery for the sore.
  • $ 300,000 settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit against a Detroit area hospital
  • $ 275,000 settlement against a skilled Michigan nursing home facility and the physician for our client who had to undergo a colostomy surgery and had skin flap surgeries to cover the wound from her decubitus ulcer.
  • $ 250,000 settlement against a rehabilitation center for a patient who suffered a Stage IV decubitus ulcer while recovering from surgery.
  • $ 200,000 jury verdict against a Detroit hospital for a patient who suffered a Stage IV bed sore wound during a post-surgery admission.
  • $ 200,000 settlement against a Michigan hospital for patient who suffered a Stage IV bedsore  that led to sepsis.
  • $ 195,000 settlement against a Detroit area nursing home for the family of a woman who died from an infected bedsore
  • $175,000 settlement in a bed sore lawsuit against a nursing home and hospital.  The sore started in the hospital and was untreated in the nursing home.
  • $ 150,000 settlement against a Bloomfield Hills nursing home for a resident who suffered a Stage IV pressure sore that required debridement and then a flap surgery.
  • $ 150,000 settlement against a downriver Michigan hospital and nursing home.
  • Substantial confidential settlement against a Michigan nursing home for the wrongful death of a resident who developed sepsis from a Stage IV bedsore and later died from the condition.

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