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Michigan Back Injury Lawyers| Back Injury Overview

The Michigan back injury and spinal cord injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire are experts on the human back and the injuries it can sustain.  The back consists of three major components:
  • Vertebrae, the bones of the spine
  • Discs, that separate the vertebrae
  • Muscles and ligaments, that hold the discs and vertebrae together

The vertebrae are 33 interlocking bones that make up the spine.  The spine is divided into five segments: the cervical spine (neck), the thoracic spine (upper and middle back), the lumbar spine (lower back), the sacrum (pelvis/hip area), and the coccyx (tailbone).  In each segment, the vertebrae are numbered from top to bottom.


The discs are located in between each of the 33 vertebrae.  Each disc is a capsule of connective tissue surrounding a soft jelly-like center.  The discs provide flexibility to the spine and provided cushioning by absorbing shock as the bones move.


The ligaments are strong, tough, rope-like connective fibers.  They connect the vertebrae and discs to each other and to the surrounding muscles, cartilage, joints, and organs.

Back injuries are the most common source of back pain, discomfort, and lack of maneuverability.  Many back injuries can occur from routine lifting of heavy objects.  More severe injuries can be caused by falling and landing hard on a part of the back or in car accidents or other accidents.

If you have a back injury from a car accident or other accident, you should seek medical attention.  Symptoms sometimes do not immediately appear and a doctor's expert diagnosis is required to prescribe the proper course of treatment. 

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