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How To Read & Understand Michigan Car Accident Reports

Michigan car accident reportsOur Michigan auto accident lawyers represent car accident injury victims throughout the entire State of Michigan.  The first step that we take in investigating your case is to obtain the police Traffic Crash Report.   This report contains important facts about the vehicles involved in the accident, the weather and lighting conditions, the conditions of the roadway, and other facts about the accident. 

Once you obtain your report, you will need to understand how to interpret the different codes and keys in that report.  The police officer investigating your Michigan auto accident follows strict protocol in preparing the report and strictly follows the requirements of the report.  To understand the details of your Traffic Crash Report, you can refer to the State of Michigan Traffic Crash Report Help Sheet.

What's Inside A Michigan Accident Report

The accident report often contains statements of both witnesses and drivers in the accident that were taken by the investigating police officer at either the accident scene or later on at the hospital.  There may be additional facts to the accident that are not included in this report that put you at fault for the accident, when in fact another driver caused the accident.   We have seen many occasions in which our client was injured and at the hospital when the police officer was investigating the accident and only the statement of the other driver was taken as to what happened.  The police then issued a traffic citation to our client, who was not at fault in the accident.

In addition to the statements taken by the police officer, our Michigan car accident lawyers also hire our own investigators to interview witnesses and track down evidence in the case.  Our accident investigators are often get statements from eyewitnesses that help prove exactly how the accident happened and that our client was not at fault for the accident.   We have won a substantial number of car accident lawsuits in cases when the police initially placed fault on our client at the accident scene but we later proved it was another driver’s fault.

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